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Multimodality and Multiliteracies Paper

I had to write a paper on what multiliteracies and multi modalities are and how they work in the ELA classroom.  Honestly, I assumed this assignment sounded a bit tedious at first.  I can tell you this much: they are right when it comes to assuming! I liked the project a lot.

I started writing, and the next thing I knew, I was over 5 pages and had to do some editing in order to meet the criteria for this assignment.  It is very interesting to note that much of the language from the two articles we used was eerily similar to the new Common Core Standards for New York ELA.  Much of the work is suggesting that we create more culturally aware and accepting classrooms while at the same time acknowledging that pen and paper, or typewriter if you want, are things of the past.  Our students have the potential to be architects of new modes and forms of communication.  Sign making is no longer limited to the alphabet and that is exciting! I don’t want to give away too much in this blog post, so check out my essay here:

Also, from what I saw, I really liked the Scribd site.  I can search anything I want by tags.


My PowerPoint Presentation

I’ve created a narrated powerpoint for my technology class.

This was one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve had in this class.  For either time.  I bought a brand new headset and microphone as the old one was rather beat up.  However, for whatever reason (trust me I messed with my sound settings and microphone drive more than I ever have before) I have white noise in the background of my presentation.  It detracts greatly from the overall quality and presentation of my product.  However, as always I forget how much fun it is to create multimodal products.  I feel that a lot of my graduate work to this point has included a great deal of writing and no other mode of communication.  This was a fun experience up until the recording point.  Signing up and logging into authorstream was a breeze as usual, but I am beyond frustrated that this PPT was not as good as the one I produced last fall.  I will be attempting to locate that project and upload it to this blog for comparison.  The topic I covered was absolutely fascinating to me, and I look forward to the day when this becomes truly feasible.  No SPOILERS though.  Watch to find out!

Here we go again

Learning about technology and English language isn’t new to me; I am taking a class for the second time because I ended up dropping it when I realized I had had too much on my plate. I am apprehensive about the course because when I use technology, I feel like this:

Much of this week’s assignments were familiar to me.  Obviously, this is my second time at this particular rodeo.  However, I am still shocked at the multitude of tools at my disposal that I all too often neglect.  I’m particularly interested in the Diigo app as I browse and peruse certain websites religiously, and it seems that this particular application can allow me to do that even faster.  It is in essence a much more awesome “favorites” tab from what I can discern at this point.  Finally, I had the worst time finding the “prtsc” button on this Toshiba but with a little help from Yahoo Answers, I finally found that screen capture button.