Here we go again

Learning about technology and English language isn’t new to me; I am taking a class for the second time because I ended up dropping it when I realized I had had too much on my plate. I am apprehensive about the course because when I use technology, I feel like this:

Much of this week’s assignments were familiar to me.  Obviously, this is my second time at this particular rodeo.  However, I am still shocked at the multitude of tools at my disposal that I all too often neglect.  I’m particularly interested in the Diigo app as I browse and peruse certain websites religiously, and it seems that this particular application can allow me to do that even faster.  It is in essence a much more awesome “favorites” tab from what I can discern at this point.  Finally, I had the worst time finding the “prtsc” button on this Toshiba but with a little help from Yahoo Answers, I finally found that screen capture button.



3 responses to “Here we go again”

  1. cynthia says :

    If I have a question about ANTYTHING these days I just google it. My search history would make an interesting diary entry. Glad to have you back!

    • cynthia says :

      I agree that Diigo has a great deal of potential for personal AND classroom use! We forgot to discuss it in class last week. We’ll do that. Looking forward to having you in class again!

  2. kerrivalesey315 says :

    John, I am really excited that you are in this class, and I think that your previous work will really help all of the rest of us in moving forward to a place where this technology isn’t neglected, but rather, used and useful in our own struggles with education.

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