Multimodality and Multiliteracies Paper

I had to write a paper on what multiliteracies and multi modalities are and how they work in the ELA classroom.  Honestly, I assumed this assignment sounded a bit tedious at first.  I can tell you this much: they are right when it comes to assuming! I liked the project a lot.

I started writing, and the next thing I knew, I was over 5 pages and had to do some editing in order to meet the criteria for this assignment.  It is very interesting to note that much of the language from the two articles we used was eerily similar to the new Common Core Standards for New York ELA.  Much of the work is suggesting that we create more culturally aware and accepting classrooms while at the same time acknowledging that pen and paper, or typewriter if you want, are things of the past.  Our students have the potential to be architects of new modes and forms of communication.  Sign making is no longer limited to the alphabet and that is exciting! I don’t want to give away too much in this blog post, so check out my essay here:

Also, from what I saw, I really liked the Scribd site.  I can search anything I want by tags.


3 responses to “Multimodality and Multiliteracies Paper”

  1. rainbowneontiki says :

    I also really liked the Scribd site and might use it to post other work in the future rather than just papers. It seems fairly easy to navigate and uploading is pretty easy. Upon reading your paper and the work of the other Pre-Service teachers, I have a slightly more positive outlook on the Common Core and education in general. I like how it is embracing multimodality, whereas traditional classrooms shunned it. I also like the idea of “students as designers”, which allows for more creativity in the classroom rather than repression of it.

  2. kerrivalesey315 says :

    John, I understand what you mean about how these terms can be a bit tedious, especially because we end up learning so many. However, I can honestly say that I think the end will grant us with a teacher tool box of knowledge that will ultimately aid our students’ learning! Also, Scrib’d gave me a little bit of a hassle, but I agree, it was cool to think that you can search what other people have written about multimodality and literacy!

  3. Victoria Corning says :

    Jonh, I really enjoyed reading your paper and I feel that your discussion of the sensory stimulations that our society faces through advertisements, podcasts, and digital images is extremely true. The digital generation is constantly viewing, viewing, viewing, image after image and text after text. Like you state, the sign is no longer the alphabet, it has a lot to do with images!
    I also agree with a classroom that has “porous walls” and to give students a voice would really influence and encourage them to find their passion and publish it in a real world setting. It allows them to see what the world is like beyond school and beyond a classroom, giving them skills they will use in their future!
    Great job!

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