Theorizing Tabloids

For my digital literacy unit overview, I focused on the tabloid as a multimodal construction.  I compared its own genre with that of a broadsheet or more traditional newspaper.  I feel that in analyzing the different stylistic choices made by the editor, students will be able to better conceive the particular ways an author may try to impose a message on viewers.  The class would spend a good deal of time in the computer lab (hopefully, without fighting other teachers for lab time usage).  Students would be able to research material independently, as well as is classroom discussion.

The genre of the tabloid tends to have very discernible, messages and themes.  Therefore, I thought it would be an nice entry point into conceptualizing digital literacy.  As tabloid images are often edited to suit their purpose, students being asked to create their own tabloid cover would need a Web 2,0 Application to assist their photo editing.  To this end, I researched several online photo apps until I discovered FotoFlexer.  This app seemed to have the best variety and ease of access to editing tools.  Therefore, I incorporated it into the unit plan.

While constructing my rubric, I signed up for a free rubric building website. is a rubric, template building site available to teachers and students alike.  It was very accessible and an exciting find.  Check out my unit plan overview here!


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