What to Watch For

My childhood dream has finally come true.  Now, I too can be a Power Ranger, James Bond or, if we’re getting really nostalgic, a Jetson.  A watch that’s a phone.  A phone that’s a watch.  Yup.  Samsung has finally done it.  They’ve developed a package in which a watch has the capabilities of a smart phone.  I’m not saying that this would be the easiest device in which to play Angry Birds or whatever other app suits your fancy, but the potential for this product in the classroom is very intriguing.

Now, I know that I may not be Twitter’s biggest advocate at times.  Within the past two weeks, I finally started to embrace this social media application and am slowly opening my eyes to the potential benefits in the classroom.  One of my central theories regarding Twitter is that it would be a highly effective means of tweeting assignments or additional resources via links to my students.  Not the most original idea.  However, as a student, if I don’t want to deal with school for a moment, I can ignore emails or my agenda.

This is where Samsung and their new creation come in.  It’s hard to ignore a watch.  Sure, maybe students ditch the watch during gym class or practice.  Yet, accessories are in right now.  Our nation, in all its capitalistic glory, is clearly very concerned with accessories and materialism.  Perfect.  Essentially, this new creation, along with the use of Twitter, can be seen as the most effective assignment planner available.  Give it time for the price to go down, and other cellular companies to produce similar products, and teachers have an open line if you will into students lives.  We can be like Zordon, and our students Power Rangers.  Picture this scenario for instance.  A student is at home, being less than productive watching television or playing video games, and all of a sudden…….Beep beep beep.  They glance at their wrist and see that I, Zordon if you will, have just sent out a Tweet reminding students of an assignment due the next day.  Hard to ignore something wrapped snugly around your wrist.   Pretty awesome right?


3 responses to “What to Watch For”

  1. cynthia says :

    Great idea about how to use Twitter! Here’s a site I found with some other great ways to use Twitter in the classroom: http://www.teachhub.com/50-ways-use-twitter-classroom

  2. rainbowneontiki says :

    The watch-phone is a pretty neat idea, considering it would be on your wrist at all times it would be very hard to ignore updates to twitter, blog posts, and other sorts of things. It would be a good way to keep students on task. My question would be about affordability. Would students be able to afford such a contraption? Is it really necessary or could a teacher have some other way to keep them in touch, (for instance a very loud an persistent alarm on their phone)?

  3. brown14courtney says :

    I love it John! What a cool concept! I remember hearing something about this but never heard anything else, now I know it exists! I like your idea to use it for a teacher-student purpose. How futuristic! I think it’s a great line of communication as well as expands the four walls of the classroom!

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