Telegraph Thursday

This was a pretty interesting assignment as it included the cooperation of three very busy graduate students.  Luckily, my partners happened to be Courtney Brown and Tori Corning.  They were awesome in regards to finding a way to meet in person in order to create and record our radio podcast featuring a historical spin, with a tabloid like journal style reporting on the American Civil War.  We met with one another at a variety of times and places over the past few weeks; our favorite spot by far being the lab in the teaching resources section of the library.  It featured a less than soundproof but private cubical with a couple of computers with the most important application, the GuitarBand only available on McIntosh.  and some comfy rolling chairs.

At the first meeting, we brainstormed a few different ideas for whattype of podcast we would create. In the end, we agreed on a Civil War format in which we performed interviews of some famous and then less than famous figures from the time.  Our interviewees featured Walt Whitman played by Tori Corning.  Courtney Brown was hilarious in her role as Mary Todd Lincoln, and I did my best to impersonate Orville Grant, brother to the famous American General, Ulysses S. Grant.  We asked some our guests some rather informing and educational, yet somewhat provocative questions. You’ll have to tune in if you want know just what we discovered.  Gossip, drama, style, we had it all.

First, we created three interviews featuring each of the three historical figures with an accompanying commercial.  This required a great deal of creativity, and a decent bit of research as a surprising amount of historical facts and speculation are embedded within our podcast.  After due diligence we thought of emulating a show with strong hints of tabloid style radio hosting.  Hoping to maintain a humorous tone, we also provided some factual evidence to prove that we could utilize this style of Web 2.0 technology to integrate an interdisciplinary approach within a classroom.  Tori was our main editor regarding sound effects and Courtney provided the vocals for some of our commercials.  I wrote a commercial myself; we all created bumpers.


My group members were outstanding and luckily, we created the project on time, if a bit longer than the requested length.  It was not perfect however, as there were some glitches and an annoying echo, however the project was a success in my eyes as this could be such an asset in the classroom.


2 responses to “Telegraph Thursday”

  1. Victoria Corning says :

    Obviously love your post because our group was AMAZING, as is everyone in our class, which is awesome. You’re right, definitely not perfect but for first timers in the Podcasting world we did pretty good! I think my favorite was our commercials, haha.
    I agree that our biggest struggle was A. finding a time when we were all available to meet and B. finding a space to meet in! Between Dr. Sarver’s office, the classroom, the library, AND the closet classroom, we spanned the whole campus for a place to record. But looking back, it was definitely a success and a great interdisciplinary lesson plan we can use!

  2. kerrivalesey315 says :

    John, I thought that your podcast was a very well put together creative piece that work as an interdisciplinary model for more teachers to use! The way that you used text and context clearly modeled for future projects an excellent example of how to create a script, insert sounds, and use actual historical events to back up a piece of fiction! Well done!

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