Teaching, Technology and Language

In today’s schools, a large issue that schools deal with is bullying. Especially on the technological front, cyber-bullying is hard to monitor, but the ramifications are endless.


When students are confronted with issues of bullying, the best case scenario is that students report the issue.  Teachers and administrators should confront these issues as they happen, and hopefully (as I’ve experienced), they handle them with patience and sensitivity.

How can students handle such situations when they have bad media influences? Students who love football have this problem to face especially. This article discusses the issues surrounding the use of the n-word in locker rooms.  From different stances, the use of the n-word falls into both positive and negative lights.  Obviously, the word is loaded and has a highly contentious background. I do no suggest discussions of the term in the classroom, unless teachers approach such a discussion with kid-gloves and extensive sensitivity. The history and negative connotations of the term are extensive. However, sports and other activities that claim to be color blind have different approaches use the negative term subversively as means of in-group association.

What are your ideas? Is it ok to use such a loaded work to conotate in-group association beyond the classroom?


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