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Blogging with Brewer: A Timely Review

This semester, I became a connected educator.  Not only being a blogger, I have learned so much about my own pedagogy. I even created a website, which will serve as a portfolio for my graduate degree. Check it out: web portfolio!  As a preservice English teacher, I have seen how much blogging has helped me learn how to problem solve in ways that I never knew were really possible.


What did I learn?
I learned about how to incorporate the kind of personal learning network that I have blogged about into my own life. I definitely have learned a lot about problem solving. Collaboration has become a regular part of my life. I have adapted to some of the 21st Century literacies that I expect my future students to incorporate in their own learning.  Although technology has not been something that I felt would add to my education, I come out of this semester with a new outlook.  Beyond the classroom where I am a student, I see technology as more than just a fun social past time.  I don’t necessarily know if I wil continue blogging, but I see other avenues for connecting as an educator for futhuring my own personal education with professional development, networking, and joining professional learning communities.